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Free Download of Pride and Prejudice, Illustrated by Hugh Thompson

Pride and Prejudice

I couldn’t find an illustrated ebook version of Pride and Prejudice where I was happy with the layout and image quality, so my wife and I created this one (she did the scanning and image clean-up, I did the text preparation, image compression, formatting, and plot summary). There’s always a trade-off to be made between image quality and file size; this ebook comes in at about 4MBytes.

The plan was to offer this on Amazon but they no longer wish to carry this kind of work unless it’s branded as a study guide or similar. Therefore I have decided to offer it as a free download (ePub)) (Kindle).

I also have other Pride and Prejudice related titles; please see below.

The Pemberley Vampire Hunters Book I

Pemberley Vampire Hunters

What if Lizzy Bennet — on whose experiences Pride and Prejudice is based — had been kept in the dark about certain crucial facts? The vampyres, for example?

I refer, of course, to the recent discovery of the so-called “Pemberley Papers”, a bundle of notes, diaries, maps, letters and other ephemera that had lain hidden in the library of that great house through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The trove includes records kept by Mr Darcy starting in 1806 and covering the years up to his wedding; several detailed diaries from the Bingley family and others; and many items of correspondence sent during that same period between Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy, his cousin Captain Richard Fitzwilliam, his friend Mr Charles Bingley, and others of the so-called “Pemberley set”.

Taken together, these items shed a fascinating but also disturbing new light on the version of events that was given to Miss Austen.

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Better than Real

Better than Real Cover

Lee is an up-and-coming designer of seductive love dolls, until the day his sexiest product yet goes murderously wrong. Sent to the crime scene to defuse a delicate situation, Lee finds that the rogue doll has been infiltrated by a mysterious, self-aware entity called Lilith who can’t seem to make her mind up whether she’s a silky-smooth seductress or a state-of-the-art assassination system.

Within hours, Lee’s encounter with Lilith has escalated into a life-or-death race with her creators, the shadowy and relentless Elect, and ultimately into a battle for the very stuff of his humanity — a battle in which his best hope of salvation turns out not to be human at all.

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Exploring Pride and Prejudice

Exploring Pride and Prejudice Cover

An enhanced edition of “Pride and Prejudice” aimed at lovers of the 1995 BBC TV Series, adapted by Andrew Davies and starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. This edition comprises a linked treatment exploring the TV series and its characters, showing how the drama relates to Jane Austen’s original novel. The ebook is packed with illustrative quotes and provides hyperlinked jumping-off points for exploring the novel, which is also included in full.

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The Raw Meat Cat Food Cook Book

Raw Meat Cat Food Cook Book Cover

Most modern cats are addicted to a substance that can eventually destroy every major organ of the feline body: grain-dominant cat food. This addiction can adversely affect blood sugar, urine pH, adrenal stability, digestive function, and tooth, gum and joint health, and can be a major contributor to spiraling vet bills. For six-plus decades, commercial grain-based cat food has been pushed upon the public for one main reason: corporate profit. Regrettably, it isn’t just cats who are addicted; advertising has brainwashed humans into believing that feeding our obligate carnivore companions a meat-flavored, grain-based diet is the best way to show how much we care. The authors of this brief, straight-to-the-point cookbook wanted to break free and spend as many years as they could with their beloved housemates - quality time, not time spent watching them decline from commercial cat food. Now, with this step-by-step illustrated guide, you and your cat can break free, too.

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Gerard’s Herbal (Editor)

Gerard's Herbal Cover

Gerard’s Herbal, or The Generall Historie of Plantes, is the fourth gathering in 400 years, in a line of descent from the original folio, the 1633 edition enlarged & amended by Thomas Johnson, and the 1927 Marcus Woodward version (sadly bowdlerized in keeping with the proprieties of that time period). This brand new edition, edited by Huw Thomas and Holly Ollivander, spans 428 pages containing 300 separate plant entries and 323 illustrations taken from the original woodcuts, and is the most complete edition available short of consulting the original tome. Gerard’s Herbal is a timeless treasure trove of botany, medicine, gardening, textiles, cookery and travel.

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Talking Tudor (Editor)

Talking Tudor Cover

Do you know your fosset from your puncheon? Talking Tudor is a glossary of period terms arranged in the following sections to allow readers to browse by theme: Farm and Feast, Home and Hearth, Clothes Make the Man, Time and Space, Love and Hate, Family & Foibles, Pastime with Good Company, In Sickness and in Health, Wealth & Work, and All Manner of Things.

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Handcrafted Ebooks (limited availability/out of print)

Handcrafted Ebooks Cover

Written for the more technically-minded reader, Handcrafted Ebooks explains how to lay out ePub and Kindle ebooks using text editors, XHTML, CSS, and other free multi-platform tools. Packed with code snippets and sample output, the book documents many quirks and work-arounds for today’s major e-reading platforms: iBooks, Stanza, Kindle, and Adobe Digital Editions, and provides advice on workflow, trouble-shooting, and maintaining portability between ePub and Kindle. Available in both paperback and electronic form.

This book is pretty dated now, but if you are interested you can download it for free in Kindle or ePub format.

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